Celebrando 10 años del Colegio europeo de Ibagué.


Our institution has pedagogical basis on multiple intelligences.
In fact, every student has his own curriculum and in addition to the standard school materials of the Colombian law No. 115 of 1994 and Decree 1860 of 1994, we study: history, geography, economics and European policy as we form entrepreneurs. Here we learn how to value most cities, monuments, and products from Italy, France and the UK.
We also know how to read and write music, play an instrument, painting, swimming ..... We learn to use the Internet, and if that were not sufficient, we learn the Italian language, French and English. These three languages ​​are useful to improve the area of ​​Entrepreneurship to have the title of "International Trade Accountant".
At 10:00 am we are served a snack in the morning, lunch at noon and 3:30 pm snack.
Not bad, all this.
You should know, also, here we study in very small groups, in a personalized way. Each group has no more than five students.
Also here, students are not required to sit at a desk and can work grouped in Tables of Interest, in which each person can develop his intellectual interest.
What are you waiting for? Why do you not visit us as soon as possible?
Come on one of our sites to learn a little more about us. But remember that you are always welcome in our school .... It will be a pleasure for us to serve you.